Dental CT Scan – another Smile on GSL


Godavari MRI Centre launched HDX WILL CT Scan today. Chairman, GSL Institutions Dr Ganni Bhaskara Rao inaugurated the Machine in a formal function this Morning. Famous Dental Surgeons Dr Gerita Raju, Dr Rajendra Prasad graced the event.

“This is the first of its kind in South India” said Dr G Sunil, Principal of GSL Dental College.

It’s a powerful 3 in 1 system Dentri, Dentri S, Dentri C, CBCT and Pano capabilities with Roboust HDX Cephalometric technology.

Dentri C has all the capabilities of Dentri S plus, Ultra fast & With a very less Radiation and cost effective. It’s an exceptional choice for Orthodontics or for when a forward Fov(Field of View) capture is desired.

Sinusitis can be clearly visualised.

Advanced technology for Root canal X-Ray.

The reason for snoring can also be diagnosed.

Three in one, even more “HDX WILL CT Scanning Machine” release very low radiation which needs for facial inner parts. Best examination/ Diagnosis for trauma on facial parts is the another quality of this machine.

To be simple this machine is like a third eye to Dental Surgeons, which normal eyes can’t Peep in to Deeper and More deeper areas of humans.

Yes, GSL Dental College and Godavari MRI Centre got something more to smile about.


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